About us


The roof is the blue sky of Salento. The light is white and authentic, it is direct and full of coloured reflections. Nature, tradition and local culture are the raw materials used. The creative workshop is an Italian studio, Sud Sud is a place where everyday things dress of beautiful, the colour takes clear and tangible shapes, that everyone can wear. Sud Sud is a studio where painting, sculpture and local handicraft joins together in order to create a precious handicraft fully in keeping with fashion and contemporary trends. In this way the fashion accessories made by Sud Sud are the result of amazing combinations and the desire of stylistic research in a constantly evolution: traditional papier-mâché, wood and recyclable woven, are joined to the power of silver, shells, hard stones and semi-precious stones, transparent glasses or shiny mother-of-pearl. The necklaces are full of narrative details such as the facades of Baroque churches while the light earrings made of papier-mâché appear showy coloured and lively as the long Summer of Salento.

Enza Patera is the hand-working and the creative mind of the Italian studio Sud Sud. Enza Patera is an artisan-artist, and idea-signer of objects, jewellery, jewels and interior design items. All her creations are  made in a rare example, each jewel is unique. Each object is designed as a precious item able to tell a story, remind a memory or develop a strong emotion.